Influence marketing has been very popular around the world in 2016, while in the African context few seem to agree on the levers that concern it. Among these levers, the nuance between the message and the messenger: who do we trust more?

For a concrete approach of the subject of which we will speak, thank you to read this article of Big Browser which is a good point of departure. He explains in a few words that we trust the person who gives us a message rather than the author.

Don’t shoot the messenger Message. Recycled paper note pinned on cork board. Concept Image

Yeah. It is well known that a good kongossa * is directly related to the credibility of the person who issues it.

In other words, we humans can be influenced, much more than we would like to admit. The logical part of our mind, we cherish it tenderly since the first geeks of the class are in the top 5 of Forbes and Fortune Magazine. We would like to be “rational”, “Cartesian” and logical in our choices.

This is what Paola Audrey defends in this sweet podcast she has used recently, and even if in his case it is the opposition Popularity VS credibility, we can say that it is is a stricter form of the duel between the message itself, and the popularity, the charm of the messenger:


Like a company who produce variety type of product for example personal care, homecare, and foods, Unilever

Indonesia launched “Magnum Ice Cream”

for Indonesia market since 2009 under Walls Frozen Treats Brand. Actually, market in frozen treats industry continues to be mature then is difficult to go in the marketplace for the brand new product since market relatively stagnant and consumer preference have a tendency to static. Therefore to enter its market, Unilever Indonesia conducted the marketing communication program intensively. While Television (TV) is extremely popular media for Indonesian society, the majority of consumer goods companies use a TV media for his or her integrated marketing communication strategy. In those days, you will find three product brand had marketed in national Tv producers for example: Cornetto, Cornetto Small, and Paddle Pop.